Faux Effects Is the Leader In the Design Industry

Many styles of DÉCOR are popular today! We offer workshops that achieve the looks. Farmhouse styles will have a rustic, weathered, and rusty look. Boho and Gypsy designs come with bright organic colors, and a chippy surface from Sweet Pickens milks. Regal elegance done with Lusterstone plastered walls, gold leaf, and mica. Modern industrial chic designs need cement and metal finishes. Reviving your blemished grandmother's hand-me-downs require Howard's Restor-A-Finish. Transform a plain yard sale dresser with WoodUbend ornaments. VINTAGE PAINTS & PLASTERS STUDIO stocks all that's needed AND offers my 44 years of field experience, skills, and knowledge, teaching you how with U-PAINT workshops or my I-PAINT services. Please visit my website to find out more and come by the STUDIO to see my samples displayed.

Thank you, Tom

The Furniture Reform School